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Vision Mission

Our Vision
To work towards achieving positive behavioral change in the family.


Our Mission
CFC will work towards inspiring and guiding every person to participate in the process of freeing themselves from all forms of domination and oppression.


Our Values

  • Integrity – Uphold family values and do what is right.
  • Empowerment – Engaging the Right of a person.
  • Respect – The experience of survivors.
  • Professionalism – Promoting strategic initiatives within the sector.
  • Accountability – For our decisions and actions.
  • Advocacy – Influencing positive behavioural change.


Strategic Pillars
A pillar is defined as a strong column made of stone, metal, or wood that supports part of a building; a very important member or part of a group, organization, system. Just like a structure that needs strong support, CFC has three strategic pillars that will encompass all its programs and operations for the period 2016 – 2019.
These core structures provides the foundation for its programs and projects and links the vision, mission, values and operational plans. It provides clear line of sight from top to bottom and across the organization.


Legislation Reform
To collaborate with key stakeholders and institutions of government to bring about appropriate policy and legislative reform.
Driving legislation changes is the space in which CFC will continue to pursue.
CFC will research/audit old and new legislation either on its own standing or through the office of CLRC and/or DJAG and where necessary work with these agencies to introduce new reforms or amend existing laws.


CFC will develop and implement programs and advocate action to bring about desired change in values and behavior within individuals, community, organizations and at the national level. CFC will continue tailored awareness for the communities it will operate in. CFC also recognizes the need to work with other similar organizations to achieve its advocacy objectives.


Establish a sustainable organization that is effective, sufficiently resourced and transparent and guided at all times by its values. Develop strategic alliances and coalitions with government, non-government, faith-based and development partners which will enhance our capabilities, effectiveness and sustainability.
Sustainability is core to the survival of CFC into the future. CFC needs to develop and implement simple yet effective sustainability agenda and ensure that initiatives are working.
Sustainability covers membership growth, funding, partnerships and earned income opportunities.

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